Single Dice

TopImprint offers a full suite of custom dice options. Dice is portable and versatile so they can be used in many ways.

  • Material

    metal, acrylic, resin

  • Pattern

    round dots, numbers, words, animals, etc.

  • Sides

    D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20

  • Corners

    rounded or squared corners

  • Color

    white, black, red, blue and yellow, etc.

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Dice Sets

TopImprint offers a wide range of dice sets which beautifully complement board games and dice games.

  • RPG sets

    We offer popular RPG sets such as 7-dice sets. Dice sets are necessary for players in board games.

  • Dice game

    We provide entertainment dice sets and educational dice sets. Dice games can be played in many ways and are intended for both adults and children.

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Roll With The Best Materials

  • p02-s04-img-1-metal-dice

    Metal Dice

    TopImprint uses zinc alloy to manufacture metal dice thus we can offer you high-quality and cost-effective dice.

  • p02-s04-img-2-acrylic-dice

    Acrylic Dice

    Our acrylic dice are durable and sturdy. We use only carefully select imported materials from certified factories to produce any of our dice.

  • p02-s04-img-3-resin-dice

    Resin Dice

    We have two available materials of resin dice. Opaque resin has a solid color and transparent resin gives dice colors a fantastic effect.

Why TopImprint

Full Customization

With your unique design and requirements, our team will start the production process including molding, printing, and polishing. We offer a full suite of custom dice options which allow for a comprehensive highly customizable project.

  • All Sizes
  • Any Sides & Face Types
  • Full Colors

Flawless Finishes

Every dice is printed with high-quality ink by full-automatic printing machines. A double polishing operation will be employed for total smoothness and neatness, ensuring quality risk-free project management.

At every step of the production process, we will inspect strictly all dice two times against any defects of finishes.

  • No scratches
  • No color fading
  • No surface cracks

More Benefits

Get more in-house advantages and be pleasantly surprised.

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    No Hidden Costs

    Get the clear final price of your project, from material selection to custom packaging.

  • p02-s06-icon-service

    Customer Support

    By putting forward your design and requirements, we can assist you to solve any problems through all processes.

  • p02-s06-icon-solutions

    Packaging Solution

    We can provide all kinds of packaging such as an iron box, opp bag, wood box, etc. You can also customize unconventional packaging.

  • p02-s06-icon-support

    Additional Service

    We can help you source add-ons at affordable prices. Enjoy a one-stop time-saving solution for reliable parts or pieces.

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